Friday January 17th, 2020

Innately, we are all the same. There is little that differentiates us in terms of bones and matter and DNA - but there is, always has been, and maybe always will be a yearning for us to be different from one another. While some choose to see differences as positive and contributing to a full and well rounded human society, some choose to bully those who step away from their norms.

 An original mixed media work featuring poets, scenes, and dance, this show drives home the importance of human connection and kindness in our charged political climate.


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Bully the Bully: Artists Against Hate

The mission of Taino Theatre is to tell the stories of urban New Yorkers to a wide audience in an effort to create unity and resist social injustices. Our focus is to bring light to pressing sociopolitical, socioeconomic, and human issues through mixed media work. We will accomplish this mission by engaging an ethnically rich mixture of dancers, singers, movers, wordsmiths, writers, actors, and poets to develop a beautifully complex portrait of humanity that touches audiences and performers alike.


Writer, Director, Choreographer

Puerto Rican roots and Latin influence in music and art have been the basis for Israel Martinez´s work. Born in the South Bronx, surrounded by the rich Puerto Rican culture, Israel was brought up with the sounds, smells and vibrancy of his Latin heritage. Holidays and family gatherings were a time for impromptu jam sessions where Israel learned to dance and play percussion instruments. As a child, he often performed on stage with his father, Israel "Chamaco" Martinez, lead singer for the Salsa band, Batiz y su Orquesta Tropicana.
At the age of 13 Israel began dancing and developed his skills in Up–Rock, Pop´n Lock, Freestyle and Loft.  At 19, he studied jazz under Maria Torres and joined Fred Astaire Dance studios as a young teacher in training. By age 21 he became a choreographer and by age 27 opened Martinez Dance Studios, which has been successfully running for 25 years.
In 2001 Israel founded Taino Dance Theater. Known for bringing together artists from across the dance industry, the company’s work featured movement inspired by many cultures. Salsa, Hip Hop, House, Pop&Lock, Flamenco, and Jazz, created an ethnically rich experience for audiences. The company’s premier show, “Raices: A New Beginning” preformed to sold out audiences across the New York City area including the Teatro Si, Stardust, and Newark Symphony Hall. Additional choreographer credits include the Latin Grammy Awards and television show Club La Bomba where he acted as host along side Sofia Vergara for three and a half years.
Israel continues to live by his "Performance-Based Living" approach, emphasizing healthy, active lifestyles through dance. He continues to study acting, writing, and martial arts in addition to teaching and hosting events.



 I chose to be apart of this show so I can feel what my character goes through especially losing his friend to gun violence. Sometimes we lose people to unnecessary actions. I hope the audience can keep up because this story has much to tell. I hope to Gain more experience for the theater world. 



I am excited to be part of this project because in my life I've seen and experienced discrimination in small, big and in a lot of different ways. And being able to speak up and inspire other people to respect and accept each other by performing and doing what I love and what I chose as a career, it is a true blessing. I am thankful of this opportunity and I can't wait to bring awareness to the world surrounded by this beautiful cast.


E.J Johnson

I chose to be a part of this production because of the message. As a young black man who was bullied coming up in school for my talents. Being able to use my talents to bring awareness to this is ultimately what attracted me to be a part of this production. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. 


Professor Derek Johnson

As an artist finding his voice on stage it means lots to be part of a project with such meaning and social awareness. It is too easy to divide ourselves into groups than it is to group ourselves together when we lose sight of our humanity. I am inspired by the willingness behind this work and the opportunity to artistically talk about these important subjects in our society that also affect me personally.


Veronica, Judy

I no longer have a choice but to flow with what feeds my soul. In pursuing my joy I have been fortunate to surround myself with visionaries and like minded individuals. In being a part of this beautiful vision I am communicating my own passion while raising awareness to what is of true importance. Art has always been used as catalyst for change. Pursuing the Arts not only keeps me sane it keeps me pushing forth TRUTH and knowledge.


Leo, Cop

I spent most of my life in Puck, Poland. My guitar and singing journey began in a church band at the age of ten.  Authenticity emanates from the play Bully the Bully: Artists Against hate. It is a story about the conflicting and destructive nature of deeply rooted beliefs and prejudices. It’s a story about all of us who often find themselves in the shoes of both brothers from the play in different situations that we face in our lives.


Ethan, Zach Levinstein

Being a part of this production is incredibly important to me. As a kid, I personally experience a lot of bullying and adversity because I didn’t quite fit in the mould of my peers. As I grew older and found the arts as my place of belonging, that definitely changed. However, discrimination due to gender, sexual orientation, race, shape and size, and even age exists not only in grade school but in all levels of society. This work addresses those issues very intimately, and in a society where this still exists throughout,  I am very excited to share the stage with others who are willing to use the arts to address these issues head on.



Born and raised in Mexico City, Andrea is a singer, actress and dancer who believes in the importance of the use of art to giving a voice to the issues of our time. 
She's super excited to be performing in Bully the Bully; Artists Against Hate and shining a light on the reality of our society with TAINO Theatre and a cast of such talented and giving people. 
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